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Takhti Shohi Hotel  
Hotels in Dushanbe

Takhti Shohi Address: 3, Loiq Sherali Str., Dushanbe

Takhti Shohi Hotel is one of the modern hotels that meet the global requirements. The hotel is situated in one of the green and beautiful areas of Dushanbe city - in a so-called Sari Osiyo historical site, which is recognized as the best and most suitable and pleasant areas. In this direction, one of the most spectacular gardens of Dushanbe city, the Botanical Garden (now Iram Garden) is located within a very close distance. This location is very appropriate for the guests' rest.

The hotel is constructed in a two-storied building reflecting European and Eastern architectural style, which will duly attract the attention of foreign guests and clients.

Takhti Shohi Hotel has 28 rooms, including 22 luxurious rooms and 6 ordinary rooms. All of the rooms are light and free, provided with internet connection, TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, and telephone; rooms' floors are furnished with the latest heating equipment and baths in every room are equipped with Italian sanitary outfit.

In addition to all of these conditions, the hotel includes two dining rooms, sports hall, billiard room and conference hall for 70 people.

The sports hall is equipped with the best and newest sports equipment, and guests can also make use of advises provided by sportsmen and professional experts. Hotel's administration includes qualified specialists and speaks three languages - Tajik, Russian and English.

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